City Sanctuary


This Georgian walled garden is a hidden gem in the heart of Borough, a complete sanctuary tucked away amongst the energy of the market. Our clients had completed a sensitive renovation and update to the impressive house built in 1830. Our brief was to devise a design that would make the most of the sunniest part of the garden for sunbathing during the day yet be adaptable for evenings entertaining and relaxing after a busy day. The garden needed to keep its sense of age and history that link it firmly with the house yet needed a subtle update to reflect the owners love of fashion and colour. An area for kids and dogs to run around was needed and further privacy on the lower garden boundaries had to be incorporated.

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The walled garden of a grade ii listed building in London


The garden is viewed mainly from the kitchen of the first floor of the house so we used height to balance the vista down to the garden. The garden is accessed from the side of the house so we designed an avenue of ‘table top’ trees to guide the eye into the garden. These trees provide a sense of cosiness and add atmosphere to the walk down a clay brick path that meanders through our modern take on a Potage with clean lines and block planting of Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme with the scent punching the air as you drift through the narrow pathways to the main walkway.
The seating area has been designed with great attention to detail to form a feature and provide versatile seating for lounging or dining, avoiding the need for two sitting areas, making the most of the sunny part of the garden and maximising the space for a real lawn for kids and dogs to run around and play.
The planting is varied and includes planting for deep shade under an existing flowering cherry tree as well as sun worshipping and drought tolerant plants. Although not a perfect schematic match we felt compelled to retain the old roses that are part of the gardens history so these were carefully pruned and re-trained. The original walls were left ‘raw’ to expose the character of the various brick types and plasterwork that have been added and amended over the past. Handmade clay pavers in an ebony finish marry the dark brickwork of the house and add a moody colour as a backdrop for overhanging foliage and seed heads.



The garden has an instant atmosphere as soon as you walk through the garden gate. You are hit with an element of surprise and immediately want to explore, stopping and staring at various points to take in the flowers and details around you. The space is very balanced and the layering of foliage and flowers integrates the house and garden as well as making the garden a real oasis in the heart of the City. In the evening the garden takes on a whole different atmosphere as the lighting subtly guides the eye whilst retaining cosiness and privacy with a central fire pit to keep warm. This garden is beautiful, productive and very versatile.

Built in garden seating in a London garden with trees
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"We felt that from the very first meeting Tony understood exactly what we wanted from the garden. The finished result looks fantastic, it’s amazing!"