Our client’s spring engagement programme had a theme of ‘Global Gardens’. We were given the brief of devising how a Dutch Tulip field could be depicted in a small urban space, with as much colour and impact as possible. The brief also needed the installation to incorporate seating if possible, to encourage people to sit and enjoy the experience and take pictures of the impactful display.

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Our team developed a tiered design, making the most of all available space and increasing the impact of the flower display. The geometric wedding cake style planters incorporated hardwood benches in the centre of each side, whilst not detracting from the display. The planters were finished in a very dark grey colour to give a crisp, matt finish, to complement the existing landscape and to show the colours off to their full potential.

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The Tulip Garden was one of the most popular installations of the year and interaction with the display and social moments captured exceeded our client’s expectations.

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