Small Urban Garden Design

Designing a garden with minimal space Gardens in London are 26% smaller than the national average and the smallest of any region in Great Britain. The average garden size for a house in London is 140 square meters, just over half the size of a tennis court. So with that in mind, you probably need… Continue reading Small Urban Garden Design

Sustainable Practices for Eco-friendly Landscaping Tips

In today’s realm of environmental consciousness, sustainable practices for Eco-friendly landscaping plays a pivotal role in preserving our planet’s health and steering popular opinion towards the pursuit of a greener and more resilient future. There are numerous ways you can create eco-friendly gardens and implement sustainable practices for modern landscaping: Water conservation Incorporate water-saving techniques,… Continue reading Sustainable Practices for Eco-friendly Landscaping Tips

Great Roof Garden Design

Essentials of Roof Garden Design Garden Club London specialise in designing and building rooftop gardens. Our roof garden design team know exactly what it takes to deliver beautifully crafted gardens backdropped by some of the most incredible vistas of London’s iconic city skyline. When designing a roof garden in London, several key factors should be… Continue reading Great Roof Garden Design

Garden design for businesses

For many years now, garden design for businesses has proven to show the hugely important impact green spaces have on both their employees and the environment. Gardens and green spaces have become a much more common sight in workplaces and are largely sought after by any business with the space and economy to do so.… Continue reading Garden design for businesses

Choosing a garden designer

What to consider when choosing a garden designer Choosing the right garden designer is a big decision and can often be quite daunting if you have not been through the process of garden design before. Apart from trying to find a designer who will fulfil your brief and give an aesthetic that you love, here… Continue reading Choosing a garden designer

Garden Design Trends for 2024

Chelsea Gold Medalist Tony Woods offers insight into the Garden Design Trends to watch out for in 2024 The Aesthetic Garden design trends in 2024 we will see more of – Think refined Mediterranean meets a weekend in the Cotswolds. Whispy, wirey, semi-wild Mediterranean vibes in the planting and soft biscuit neutrals in hard materials… Continue reading Garden Design Trends for 2024

6 Step service to transform your balcony with planters

Transform Your London Balcony with Planters For those living in urban areas or apartments, having access to outdoor spaces can be quite limited. However, even the smallest balcony can be transformed into a thriving garden oasis with the right use of pots and planters. Whether you desire screening for privacy, a herb garden for fresh… Continue reading 6 Step service to transform your balcony with planters

House & Garden’s New Top 50 Garden Designers 2023

Garden Club London, House & Garden’s new entry Tony Woods heads up a team of designers, landscapers and gardeners to offer a cohesive service. Specialising in urban spaces, Garden Club London has won two Chelsea Gold Medals and returns this year with the Hamptons Mediterranean Garden, an intimate outdoor living space. The planting list includes… Continue reading House & Garden’s New Top 50 Garden Designers 2023

RHS Gardening Podcast: Maximising Minimal Garden Space Front garden design advice

It’s no secret our living spaces are getting smaller. As more and more of us move to urban areas, we’re often having to put up with tight quarters – living in tiny flats with limited outdoor space. So in this episode, Garden Club London Director and award-winning garden designer Tony Woods was invited to join the award… Continue reading RHS Gardening Podcast: Maximising Minimal Garden Space Front garden design advice