Chesneys is one of the capital’s best-known suppliers of unique home features. To showcase their newly expanded range of exterior stonework and outdoor fireplaces, Chesneys asked us to develop a design for their courtyard showroom. Our brief was to supply planting and feature planters and to work with the feature stonework that would be displayed from marble arches to timber columns.

2 col 2500x1875 courtyard chesneys A 1600x1200 1
2 col 2500x1875 courtyard chesneys B 1600x1200 1


In keeping with the Italianate theme of much of the stonework, we selected mature specimen olive trees, vines to trail over a large pergola, and Cupressus trees to frame iconic busts. For the shadiest wall of the site, we developed a scheme for a living wall, filled with plants that provide colour and interest across all seasons.

full width 5000x3334 courtyard chesneys A 4000x2667 1 scaled


The space has a feeling of maturity and elegance, displaying a number of different features, it is divided into different levels and each space feels unique. The courtyard provides a welcome surprise for visitors and potential new clients, who can see and feel a large range of products.

Classical garden design with Italianate bust and planting pots
full width 5000x3334 courtyard chesneys B 4000x2667 1 scaled