After a long search for the right landscape designer, our client found us on social media and thought we were the perfect match to work with their team to develop a project for the gardens of a private residential complex in Porto, Portugal. Our client wanted the gardens to represent Porto with strong links to the local environment but with a modern twist and influence. Part of our brief was to also work closely with the architects to help create a seamless transition between the internal and external as well as creating a range of different areas to be used by family and friends taking into consideration the Portuguese culture and character of Porto’s city.

a glass door with a patio and a table
a patio with chairs and trees


The design brief was to create private gardens for three apartments, each with its own character whilst still maintaining a cohesive identity for the whole complex. We worked to create a journey through the gardens connecting the different areas and the internal and external spaces together. We were able to use our experience of challenging construction details to offer solutions for the limited build-up available for planting, which we overcame by installing raised planters in organic shapes, which in turn helped soften the hard landscape typical of the inner-city location.

a patio with a fire pit and trees in front of a building


The project was a fantastic opportunity to bring our signature style to this iconic city, taking care to include traditional Portuguese elements such as a‘latada’–an unassuming metal pergola with climbers trained over it. Intricate design details helped elevate proposed amenities such as locating the swimming pool on the edge of the terrace, creating a sense of connection and continuity with the famous Douro River in the distance.

a deck chairs and a pool in a backyard
a patio with a bench and a table
a patio with a table and chairs in front of a building
a patio with a table and chairs and plants