Mews Balcony


This former ‘bridge’ between two mew’s properties provided a very unique opportunity to develop outdoor space for our client to enjoy. The brief was to create privacy using plants on the sides, and particularly above, where the space was overlooked. Seating, lighting and atmosphere were all high priorities to make this tiny space feel truly special.



We designed and installed a vast arch in sections, that was planted with mature evergreen jasmine to provide intimacy and atmosphere. We then carefully ran warm micro lights through the foliage, for additional effect in the evening. Down lighters were installed with a brushed brass finish, for practical way finding and lanterns are placed for additional effect. To marry the detail and finishes of the interior of the property, we sourced reclaimed timber to construct bespoke seating. We worked with the client’s interior designer to find a solution for soft furnishings and dressing the final space to the client’s requirements. Gaps in the planting provide adequate opportunity for soaking up the morning sun on the seating area and create shadows across the rustic timber floor.



The previously exposed area is now a secluded get away, for relaxation and entertaining day or night. Attention to detail in the planting, finishes and accessories give a rich character to the space and although a small area, there is lots of interest all year around. The vista from the property is deceptive and gives the impression that the foliage-laden tunnel that has been created leads to a larger garden space beyond.


"We commissioned Garden Club London to help us bring a really beautiful residential terrace project to life within the private residence of a well known singer songwriter Client of ours. The ‘garden’ to this particular property is an industrial iron-work bridge which connects our Client’s house to the building opposite. It’s fabulous, but quite exposed and overlooked. We wanted to turn it into a private Secret Garden, formed from a twisty-turny tunnel of green archways and lush planting. We had a design concept in mind and worked with Tony to turn that into a practical and very beautiful landscape design. He and his team were fantastic at helping work out the perfect mix of plants, which would not only give us the privacy we wanted but a rich and bountiful look all year round. They also helped us create extra layers of character and atmosphere with beautiful pots and planters."