Room Outside


When we were appointed to design this rear garden the space was completely compromised by split levels that did not have any proportions to make a useable space. The house is owned by a young family who required a space for the children to run around in and let off steam after school but also provide a luxurious and cosy feeling outdoor space for mum and dad to invite friends over for dinner and drinks. The design needed to flow more with the interior space, provide some storage for toys, and create a focal point. The garden also has mature trees along the boundary that would dictate where new landscape features could be incorporated

Small garden designed for both adults and children with lawn, fireplace, trees and seating area


To enable as much useable space as possible, the garden was split into two levels. This allows a large surface area for a lawn and terrace whilst excavation took place to create more of a breathing space between the house and steps which were also redesigned and built to run the full width of the garden which visually widens the garden whilst losing any sharp falls or visually blocks in the design. What was previously an unusable raised bed at the rear of the garden that was overshadowed by trees and full of a dense root system was adapted to create bespoke raised storage cupboards for toys and gardening kit. The same technique was used to create an outdoor fireplace with a little more engineering to protect the tree roots and support the structure. The planting palette is largely evergreen with structural multi-stemmed trees providing a sense of privacy to the seating area and a bold structural element to the garden design particularly at night when the carefully designed garden lighting is in use.



The new garden has created a space that can be used all day long, year-round. Carefully considered design has found ways of creating new space and adapting items on the wish list to not eat into the precious available space. The garden is subtly divided using trees and a low hedge to keep the seating area free from a view of toys whilst remaining open and enjoyable for the whole family to use.

WEB B0001273