Regents Place is a thriving, mixed use campus of commercial and retail units, moments from Euston Square and Warren Street Stations. We were asked to provide a colourful installation that would draw people into an area and increase dwell time, as a space for occupiers to relax and enjoy throughout the summer.

2 col 2500x1875 regent place A 1600x1200 1
2 col 2500x1875 regent place B 1600x1200 1


Using Origami shapes and Pop Colour as a base for inspiration we devised a series of seating, planters and combi planter seating throughout the space. Working carefully to avoid causing congestion we looked at the impact the scheme would have from all view points, including from the main street to draw in new visitors curious to explore what the area had to offer. We also used the visual impact from above to draw people away from their desks at the neighbouring high rise offices. Low maintenance plants were chosen for bold leaf colour and we clad the planter units in hard wearing, colourful artificial turf to encourage people to look, touch and feel the installation.

full width 5000x3334 regent place A 4000x2667 1 scaled


Visitor numbers to the area have increased and the planting installation gently frames and provides additional seating for a newly opened coffee shop. People are drawn to use the space for informal meetings and lunch breaks and even at weekends, tourists and new visitors are drawn in out of curiosity. The installation has appeared on social media without prompt.

2 col 2500x1875 regent place B 1600x1200 1