RHS Gardening Podcast: Maximising Minimal Garden Space Front garden design advice

It’s no secret our living spaces are getting smaller. As more and more of us move to urban areas, we’re often having to put up with tight quarters – living in tiny flats with limited outdoor space.

So in this episode, Garden Club London Director and award-winning garden designer Tony Woods was invited to join the award winning RHS gardening podcast to give you a front garden masterclass. Tony explores how to maximise the space you do have – getting the best out of whatever garden, patio, porch, or windowbox you can access. Tony also discusses the impact that front gardens have on wildlife, well-being and communities with simple tips to elevate your front garden no matter how tiny.

The podcast is also joined by journalist and gardener Ann Treneman about creating fetching winter containers. And finally, Fiona Davison, RHS head of Libraries and Exhibitions, is back to tell the story of an early city gardener – and what we can learn from his 18th century ideas. A must listen for any keen urban gardener!

Front garden design London with planting and steps
Front garden Bin storage solutions with evergreen hedge and pretty Hydrangea flowers for screening
Design for a shady garden in London with evergreen ferns low maintenance